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eternal promises Bible verse Before beginning our journey, consider the most wonderful time and experience you have ever enjoyed in your life, and then consider God’s eternal promise:

Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love Him. 1 Corinthians 2:9 (KJV)

Our minds cannot imagine God’s extraordinary gifts prepared for us in eternity.

King James Bible and EW Bullinger Companion Bible

photo of KJV Bibles The Holy Bible is the ageless standard for Christians worldwide. Various translations have been made to update verses into modern English. My preference is the original King James AV (Authorized Version) published in 1611 and is included in the reference study version by Hebrew scholar EW Bullinger.

Opinions differ about accepting alternate Bible versions, and choices are aggressively defended by some. After viewing some revised translations and comparing verses to the King James Bible, my preference stands. The EW Bullinger Companion Bible enhances clearer understanding of Scripture by comparing the original languages to translations in the King James Bible.

More Resources for Studying The Word of God

Strongs Concordance and lexicon is a valuable tool for taking English words back to the original text. It may be purchased as a reference book for your library; however, there are free online resources that I suggest you consider. For a broad range of digital Bible versions with search function, commentaries, maps, and an electronic version of the Strongs Concordance, visit to download these free Bible resources.

The Massorah is an ancient set of documentation used by scribes as a guide to precisely hand copy written duplicates of the Bible during transcription. The Massorites used this “fence” as a method of quality control, and scribes had tests that gave them the exact position of characters and verses in relation to the larger work. It included sidebar notes and other methods to accurately duplicate text. The original manuscripts are not corrupt.

The discovery of the work in the Massorah occurred long after the translation of the King James Bible, so the EW Bullinger Companion Bible provides insight unavailable to the translators over 400 years ago in 1611. Bullinger was a language expert and his study guide enhances learning by putting Hebrew words, phrases, and idioms into perspective, as well as the Greek of the New Testament, also. I do not agree with everything Bullinger wrote.

Your conclusions from personal or group study should likewise be formed as the Holy Spirit guides you.

Suggested Minimum Resources and Study Philosophy

Of all the resources mentioned to follow my personal journey, the only reference needed is the King James Bible which is relatively inexpensive including paperback copies for less than $10 USD. The layout of the Companion Bible by EW Bullinger includes two columns per page with the original King James Version (KJV) in the left column, and explanations of key words back to the original languages in the right column. This is my primary study resource.

The Bullinger Companion Bible that I purchased is leather bound and was around $100 USD. Hard bound copies are half that price. Each includes 198 appendixes that analyze and document amazing facts far beyond what I learned in Sunday School. Having the Bullinger version would allow readers to jump ahead if my pace doesn’t satisfy their hunger for His Word, and it may further enlighten you about subjects that I may not cover.

Note: You may be interested in Christian content by authors listed in this directory of Bible related blogs, also.

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