God Instructs Moses About Levite Duties

The next Bible study in of the book of Numbers was released earlier entitled Separation of Tribe of Levites. Each article presents my personal view and interpretation of Bible facts based on close study of God’s Word. The latest article makes reference to rules and punishment quoted as follows:

In a previous study of Leviticus 10:2 we learn about Nadab and Abihu, sons of Aaron, who were struck dead with fire from God for violating rules for priests. Looking ahead in 1 Chronicles 13:9, the tribes are on the move and arriving at Chidon when another person is struck dead. Uzza, a driver of the cart carrying the tabernacle, notices the oxen stumble and reaches out holding on to the ark and immediately dies.

God makes the rules, and for modern mankind the importance of Bible study and knowing God’s expectations is that learning from Scripture allows us to separate the traditions of man to know God’s will.

In the course of following this personal spiritual journey, I have encountered others who write about true purpose as Christians and the dangers of accepting the traditions of mankind instead of God’s Word. As I consider these opinions, I realize that my choice of non-denominational Christianity is shared by many many others.

Our first priority is a personal relationship with God which requires looking outside the traditional views of worship and institutional churches. While each co-exists comfortably and congregations do great work, true meaning still depends on knowing God on a personal level, and the Bible is His guide to knowing expectations as a Christian. More on home church (HC) compared to institutional church (IC) will be blog topics in the future.

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